a trusted name in affordable, quality RV accommodations.

In 1984, our affiliate, Escapees RV Club built it’s first RV park to meet the needs of their community. Since then they’ve become a trusted name in affordable, quality RV accommodations. 

Today there are 8 RV parks owned by Escapees, Inc. and 11 co-op SKP parks. When an RVer sees the house and wagon logo, they know they are going to find clean, affordable accommodations with friends. 

RV enthusiasts nationwide know the Escapees brand and recognize the House and Wagon logo as a symbol of our values and qualities. 

Our Reach

Through the marketing of Escapees RV Parks Inc. and our affiliate Escapees Inc., the Escapees brand reaches hundreds of thousands of RVers each month through our various outlets. 

Escapees magazine is a full color magazine produced bi-monthly for over 70,000 Escapees RV Club members. The magazine features all facets of RVing and RV life. 

Escapees social media reaches over 350,000 monthly impressions across various social media platforms including, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others. 

As an Escapees RV Parks franchise, we will use the outlets at our disposal to inform the RVing community of your park. When a traveler sees the house and wagon logo in front of your park, they will know they are home. 

The Escapees RV parks, inc brand

Escapees RV Parks Logo

Escapees RV Parks is the newest brand to carry the House and Wagon logo. 

Our affiliate Escapees, Inc has spent decades building a loyal following that knows when they see the House and Wagon logo that they will find a friendly, quality place to stay that feels like home. 

The Brands of our AFFILIATE – Escapees Inc.

Our brands allow us to reach and support RVers of all ages and experience level. 

Through our brands we have built strong loyalty that ensures customers Escapees, Inc will be there to support them.

Our affiliate Escapees RV Club is known for it’s support of the whole RVing community. Through this support they have built strong brand loyalty. When a traveler sees the Escapees House and Wagon logo, they know they will find a friend on the road and a place that feels like home. Even it’s home just for a few days. 

With the Escapees RV Club brand we will help you attract customers that are more likely to spend more time in your park than weekend warriors.

We only require you to have the amenities that real RV enthusiasts need and not a bunch of extra equipment that is expensive to install and maintain.

Welcome Home!

Meet a new generation of RVer. The Xscapers lifestyle group is geared towards working age full-timers and has quickly grown a fanatical fan base. 

Attracting this new group of RV enthusiasts to your Escapees RV Park will help to ensure many generations of customers.

RVers Boot Camp is the premier in-person education experience for RVers that is held at various events and RV Parks across the country.

RVers Online University (RVOU) offers lessons on topics ranging from driving safety to RV maintenance from the comfort of your own home.

The Escapees SmartWeigh program is an RV educational program that provides critical RV weight safety and load management information in a highly accurate and usable format.

Escapees RV Parks along with the brands of our affiliate Escapees, Inc provides many outlets to support all RVers and encourage travelers to head your way.